Elf Perennial Rye Grass

“Elf” Perennial Ryegrass

This perennial ryegrasses is designed for full sun areas, but will tolerate some shade. Elf variety is bred to give a pleasing dark-003366 color (slightly darker than dandy), with a fine texture and excellent mowing qualities. It is also slower growing than the “Dandy” variety which means you don’t have to mow as often. Is also a very good choice for blends with Kentucky Bluegrass and Fine Fescue; used extensively in warmer climates for overseeding. Proven to recover quickly from high stress of either heat or drought. Resilient under stress and performs well in high usage areas – recovers quickly. Can make a useable lawn in 3 weeks. The high level of endophyte in Elf Perennial Ryegrass provides improved resistance to several turfgrass insects; also has a high resistance to many turfgrass diseases.
Seeding rate 8 to 10 lbs/1000 sq. ft.