Eureka 2 Hard Fescue Grass Seed

Hard Fescue
A fine-textured, cool-season perennial bunchgrass. Adapted to drought areas of the continental U.S. Grows on dry, sandy, gravelly or rocky soils. Drought tolerant. Has good heat resistance. Grows more slowly than other fescues. Some varieties are used for turf where conditions indicate. Withstands moderate wear. Primary use is for erosion control and soil improvement.
Seeding rate 4 to 5 lbs/1000 sq.ft.
Well adapted to cool summers and high altitudes – can do well even in cold and arid climates – often used in mixtures with other grasses because of an ability to blend – frequent component of bluegrass mixtures because it grows well in shade or drought-dry soil – used with a warm-season grass in the South, it provides green winter color.
Good – tolerates hot and cold weather well – has good winter hardiness – can be used in areas that are subject to widest temperature fluctuations.
Very good drought tolerance for a cool-season grass can go dormant in summer if irrigation is withheld, upon return of moisture supply it will green up again.
Moderate – most shade tolerant of all grasses but needs some sun – best cool season grass for dry, shady lawns.
Moderate – grass blades are non-succulent and hardy making an ideal play surface – does not recover well from severe injury