Gator 3 Perennial Ryegrass

GATOR 3 is highly recommended for areas where heat and humidity are establishment factors. Fine bladed and very dark green, Gator 3 was tied for best variety in overall turf quality in the 1999 NTEP Perennial Ryegrass Test. Added value includes excellent marks for traffic recovery. Gator 3 has a high rating for brown spot and leaf spot resistance and excellent overall resistance to common turf diseases.

ADAPTATION: Gator 3 was developed for use as a permanent turf either as a straight, or in mixtures or blends where perennial ryegrass is an accepted component. Gator 3 is an excellent choice for cool season regions where heat and humidity are problematic for establishing perennial ryegrasses.

SEEDING RATE:  7-10 lbs. p/1000 sq. ft.