Hot Shot Triticale

Hot Shot is a new Spring Triticale selected for yield, high quality forage, palatability and excellent disease resistance. Hot Shot has demonstrated outstanding feed value when used alone or in mixtures with silage peas.

Areas of Use: Hot Shot is ideal for silage, grazing or hay production. The improved forage quality takes milk production to the next level.

Harvesting for Feed: Best feed quality comes when Hot Shot is in the late boot stage. Protein can be found from 15-22%. At soft dough stage the Dry Matter Yield will typically double, but overall Feed Quality Protein will drop to 8-13%. The protein levels vary based on fertility and overall growing conditions.

Waste Management: Hot Shot is a good choice for dairy waste management. It can consume as much as 250 units or more of nitrogen if the applications are applied uniformly. Always check nitrate levels before feeding.

Grazing Tips: If planted in the spring, Hot Shot can be grazed from spring through summer, and even into the fall. This does require proper management with fertility and some irrigation. If Hot Shot does not go thru a winter,  it won’t vernalize and go into the reproductive stage – leaving the plant vegetative until winter. This allows for better silage, green chop and possibly even a May hay crop.

Seeding Rates:
Seeded alone:         70-100 lbs/acre
In mixtures:            35-50 lbs/acre