Jamboree Tall Fescue

JAMBOREE is a unique medium-to-low growing tall fescue with dark green color that is noted for its dense, fine bladed turf and resistance to brown patch. Jamboree will produce persistent, superior quality turf in marginal conditions. It is ideal for high traffic areas requiring low maintenance. Rapid establishment and early spring green-up round out this adaptable variety that is a top choice for home lawns, parks and playing fields.

ADAPTATION: Jamboree is recommended for permanent turf in full sun or partial shade on golf course roughs, out-of-bounds areas and low maintenance sites. It can be utilized in poly species grass seed mixtures maintained at a moderate height of cut. Can be used in dry temperate and
hot/humid regions with excellent results.

SEEDING RATE:  7-8 lbs. p/1000 sq. ft.