KoldKing Orchardgrass (early)

KoldKing is the best early maturing orchardgrass available for pasture and hay blends with cool season grasses. Bred in the West for resistance to weather extremes, KoldKing has a longer stand life than other orchardgrasses. It can be compared to tall fescue for persistence and yield. It also features excellent palatability, good feed value, heat and drought tolerance and strong disease resistance.

KoldKing has been widely tested from Ohio to British Columbia with excellent results. In Wisconsin it was one of two varieties having the highest animal intake over a 3-year period. In Northern CA in 2007, KoldKing was ranked #1 for ground cover and #2 for forage yield. In Ohio it was one of only three orchardgrass varieties receiving a superior score over 3 years of trials. In cold Eastern OR over a 3-year period, KoldKing was #1 out of 16 varieties.

Seeding Rate:
Pure Stands:           15-20 lbs. per acre
Grass/Hay Mix:       4-5 lbs. per acre