LG-31 Orchardgrass (late)

LG-31 Orchardgrass is an elite improved grazing tolerant variety. It can withstand longer grazing periods while retaining excellent cold tolerance. LG-31 has a unique ability to withstand close grazing with excellent regrowth and disease resistance. LG-31 is a vital component for any pasture or hay field.

Areas of Use: LG-31 can be used as a pure stand or mixed with alfalfa or other grasses and legumes. It will produce high quality forage with high yields in every cutting or grazing rotation. LG-31’s late maturity makes it a great choice for interseeding into old alfalfa stands because they will mature at the same time – improving yields and forage quality. LG-31 grows slightly in the winter, contributing to fall growth without compromising winterhardiness. The strong spreading crown contributes to LG-31’s grazing tolerance and provides a non-clumpy appearance.

Seeding Rate:
Pure Stands:           15-20 lbs. per acre
Grass/Hay Mix:       4-5 lbs. per acre