Longfellow 2 Chewings Fescue

LONGFELLOW 2 is the newest and best of the improved chewings fescues in North America. It is a deep dark green variety that exhibits aggressive fine textured shoots and a unique, compact winter dormant growth habit. It has a reduced rate of vertical growth that results in less mowing, has good shade tolerance, and is adapted to low fertility and moderately high soil pH conditions. Longfellow 2 requires soils with good to excellent internal drainage for optimal turf performance. It is endophyte enhanced to provide added disease and insect resistance.

ADAPTABILITY: Longfellow 2 is best utilized in polyspecie turfgrass mixtures for improved shade tolerance, low height of cut and reduced maintenance. It can be utilized in winter overseeding programs as a minor component in rapid transition turfgrass mixtures. Longfellow 2 tied for 1st in turf quality among chewings fescue in the 2000 NTEP trials across 28 locations in the US and Canada.

SEEDING RATE:  4-5 lbs per 1000 sq ft