Regal 5 Perennial Ryegrass

REGAL 5 is an elite perennial ryegrass variety. NTEP re-sults indicate that Regal 5 is one of the darkest varieties now available. This allows it to blend well with Kentucky bluegrasses. It has a dense growth habit and excellent overall turf quality. Regal 5 has also demonstrated strong resist-
ance to both gray leaf spot and brown blight.

ADAPTABILITY: was developed for permanent poly-species turfgrass blends and mixtures containing improved perennial ryegrass; Kentucky bluegrass; chewings, slender creepingand strong creeping red fescue, colonial bentgrass and turf type tall fescue. Regal 5 is also used extensively in winter overseeding programs on greens, tees and fairways either alone or in species mixtures.

SEEDING RATE:  7 to 10 lbs/ 1000 sq ft