Taneum Timothy

Taneum Timothy is a premium mid-maturity, export quality variety that excels in multiple areas. A couple of its most impressive qualities are heavy stems with a lush leaf structure. Taneum also features large heads and a vivid green color.

Areas of Use: Taneum is an excellent choice for horse hay as a straight variety or in mixtures with other grasses and legumes. It is well suited for areas that are water saturated part of the year. It adapts to a wide range of soils, but does best under cool, moist conditions. Taneum is winter-hardy and does well on moist or acidic soils and on poorly-drained, peaty and meadow areas. Taneum tolerates flooding much better than many other forage species, but is not adapted to saline conditions.

Seeding Rate:
Straight:       10-12 lbs. per acre