Bruno Orchardgrass (late)

Bruno Orchardgrass is an excellent grazing and hay producing variety with outstanding forage yields. Mid-to-Late maturing dates make Bruno compatible for hay production with increased yields. Bruno responds aggressively after cutting, providing added value to subsequent cuttings. Bruno also exhibits outstanding cold tolerance and improved drought tolerance. It is resistant to disease including stem rust.

Areas of Use: Bruno can be used as a pure stand or mixed with alfalfa or other grasses and legumes. It will produce high quality forage with high yields in every cutting or grazing rotation. It is an excellent choice for interseeding into existing alfalfa stands as well. It can be successfully used for grazing, haylage, silage or green chop.

Seeding Rate:
Pure Stands:          15-20 lbs. per acre
Grass/Hay Mix:       4-5 lbs. per acre