Cover Crop

Cover Crop Planting Guidelines

Produce more humus. This also prepares the soil for the seed. You may use either a drop spreader or a broadcast spreader, or you may broadcast the seed by hand. For more even coverage, make two seeding passes over the garden at right angles to each other. Lightly rake the seed into the top 1/4 inch of soil. The seed must be covered and be in firm contact with the soil for best germination. If you seed before fall rains begin, the seeded area should be watered lightly to keep it moist until the seed germinates.

Recommended seeding rates:
Approximate number of square feet covered by one pound of seed:

Annual Ryegrass 500
Austrian Peas 200
Buckwheat 400
Hairy Vetch 750
Red Clover 1500
White Dutch Clover 2000


Local weather and soil conditions must be taken into account to determine the practical seeding times for specific areas. Drought tolerances will vary with local climatic conditions and the soil type and moisture holding capacity.