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Grass Clover/ Mixture design for Nurseries
Use grass and clover to improve quality and ease of growing

Yield Control for Quality
Grasses will keep spraying down and erosion under control. This makes a very environmentally sound practice.

Erosion Control
Nurseries have open areas between rows that can create erosion problems. A grass cover is one of the most efficient ways to stop or limit erosion.

During long periods of the year, it is difficult or impossible to enter fields due to slippery slopes or other troubles due to heavy soils. Grass can fix the soil and allow access to the fields, with increased safety

Nitrogen Fixation
Adding clover to the mixture will allow a cheaper and more sustainable production, and a “slow release” fertilizer for the companion grass.

Disease Control
The splashing of raindrops on the soil surface spreads many diseases. The presence of a grass cover will diminish the risk of dispersal of diseases.

Choosing Species

Red Fescue – to assure ground cover in the row intervals because rhizomes tie the soil together and prevent soil erosion. Drought tolerant

White Clover – small leaved types are specially recommended because they have better ground cover than large leaf types. White clover will release nitrogen to the companion grasses. Will reseed itself.

Sheeps Fescue; Hard Fescue; Chewings fescue – Good for lower growth and lower fertility. Drought tolerant.

Poa Reptans – Very low growing (5″-10″). Shade tolerant and dense. Can be seeded at 2lbs / 1,000 sq. ft. Germinates in 6-8 days with adequate moisture. Very wear tolerant. Goes dormant in the summer when trees need moisture. Will continually reseed itself.

Perennial Ryegrass – Quick germination for erosion control and weed suppression.

Mixture Design

Mixture should be composed according to importance of individual’s goals. As a general guideline, we recommend to:

  • Include a species with rhizomes or stolens in order to maximize ground cover.
  • Choose main species according to control objectives.
  • Add White Clover whenever possible to support the grass and cut down on fertilizer use.
  • Less chemical usage with lower growing grasses and clover


Pathway Mix (Permanent Cover)
30% Elf Perennial Ryegrass
20% Sunset Creeping Red Fescue
20% Ridu hard Fescue
30% Poa Reptans

Pathway Mix with Clover
30% Elf Perennial Ryegrass
20% RIdu HardFescue
20% Sunset Creeping Red Fescue
15% Poa Reptans
15% White Clover

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Tundra Timothy
Felina Festulolium (Tall Fescue type)
Rajah Red Clover
Milo White Clover
Calibra Tetraploid Perennial Ryegrass
Tivoli Tetraploid Perennial Ryegrass
Solid Intermediate Ryegrass
Laura Meadow Feacue
Oxford Kentucky Bluegrass
Gondolin Creeping Red Fescue
Pinocchio Peas

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