Chenelle Tall Fescue

CHENELLE Tall Fescue is an exceptionally dark green tall fescue that establishes quickly and demonstrates great tolerance and good winter hardiness. Chenelle will perform well in home lawns, parks, sports fields or any application where permanent high quality turf is desired. It performs well in full sun or partial shade.

AREAS OF USE: Chenelle is recommended for permanent turf in full or partial shade on golf course roughs, out-of-bounds areas, and low maintenance sites. It can be utilized in turf-grass mixtures maintained at a moderate height of cut. Can be used in dry temperate regions in addition to hot and humid regions with excellent results.

SEEDING RATES:  New Lawn: 8-12 lbs. p/1,000 sq ft  |   Overseeding: 4-6 lbs. p/1000 sq ft