Endurance Orchardgrass

Endurance is a true dual purpose orchardgrass, — excelling in both grazing and harvested forage production.

PERSISTENCE- The germ plasm used to develop Endurance was first selected for low cutting height. Plants were maintained at a 1.25 inch mowing height for three years. Survivors were then placed in a nursery and allowed to inter-pollinate. Seed was then sent to Dr. Joe Burton of the University of Georgia. After three years of intense grazing pressure, survivors were selected and sent to Oregon. This became the base population for Endurance. The improved grazing tolerance has been demonstrated at university grazing trials in Georgia, Kentucky and Pennsylvania. In addition to persistence under grazing, Endurance endures wide temperature extremes, from the winter cold of Canada to the heat of the south. Endurance is registered in Canada. Disease resistance is above average.

DM YIELD- Unlike other grazing tolerant varieties, Endurance excels as a silage and hay type. It is consistently in the top group for DM yield, including trials in Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, New York and British Columbia.

MATURITY- In the DLF Forage Maturity Scale, which includes very late European genetics, Endurance is listed as a medium maturity. However, when compared to US developed varieties, the maturity of Endurance is as late as Pennlate, Latar and Command. Endurance can successfully be matched with the maturity of alfalfa to produce high quality dairy hay and silage.