Eureka 2 Hard Fescue

EUREKA 2 is a deep dark green, dense, slow growing bunch grass that spreads slowing with basal tillering. Once fully established, it requires little supplemental irrigation or fertilizer and tolerates acidic, infertile shady planting sites. Eureka 2 was entered in the 1998 Fine Fescue NTEP Test along with 78 fine fescue and 22 chewings fescue varieties. Data from the 2000 Progress Report indicates that Eureka 2 tied for 3rd in turf quality and 1st in color among hard fescue varieties. It also exhibits strong disease resistance.

ADAPTATION: Eureka 2 is best utilized in polyspecie turf grass mixtures for improved shade tolerance, low height of cut and reduced maintenance. It can be utilized in winter overseeding programs as a minor component in rapid transition turf grass mixtures. It is compatible with Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, colonial bentgrass and other fine fescues.

SEEDING RATE:  4-5 lbs. p/1000 sq. ft.