Fojtan Festulolium

FOJTAN Festulolium was bred in the DLF Festulolium breeding program located in the Czech Republic. Fojtan is different from most festuloliums on the market in that it has a tall fescue in the hybrid cross rather than the traditional meadow fescue. Due to its parentage, Fojtan looks and grows like a tall fescue, but because of the ryegrass parentage has a higher forage

FOJTAN has relatively fine-textured leaves and forms a dense sod. Palatability is good. The maturity of Fojtan is similar to a late-maturity tall fescue. It reaches prime quality about the same time as alfalfa. Fojtan is a top choice for grazing, silage and dry hay. It has excellent forage quality, good rust resistance, strong winterhardiness and persistence.

ADAPTION: Can be used as a component in long term high quality forage mixtures and pairs well with alfalfa in alfalfa/grass mixtures.

SEEDING RATES:  Pure Stand: 20-30 lbs/ac   |   Mixed: 5-15 lbs/ac