Mammoth Orchardgrass (Early-Med)

Mammoth Orchardgrass is an early-medium maturing orchardgrass that was bred for high forage production and successful adaptation to diverse weather conditions. It survives the snowy winters of Alberta, the humid summers and cool winters of Missouri, and the desert-like summers of Northern California. Mammoth is a dormant variety with low winter growth, ensuring its survival in excessively cold winters. One of Mammoth’s major advantages is that it will come back in the fall for one last cutting of hay or an extended period of grazing.

Areas of Use: Mammoth is an excellent choice for pastures and hay fields – especially if the goal is to maximize production within a limited amount of time. Mammoth’s early growth produces large amounts of forage in the first cutting with excellent regrowth for future cuttings.

Seeding Rate:
Pure Stands:           15-20 lbs. per acre
Grass/Hay Mix:       4-5 lbs. per acre