Nemagon White Mustard

Nemagon white mustard is a cover crop with outstanding nematode suppression. It hinders the life cycle of nematode larvae and acts as a natural bio-fumigant when turned into the soil just before flowering. This high protein forage crop has high nitrogen content and increases soil tilth. Nemagon also contains high levels of glucosinate – a compound similar to those found in commercial soil fumigants (at a fraction of the *cost). It also features exceptionally fast growth which forms a compact covering to obstruct weeds. The deep root system does a great job of re-utilizing nutrients that may have filtered past the root zone of crop plants. The tap root grows to a depth of three feet which helps break up soil and scavenge nutrients.

Areas of Use: Nemagon is useful as a winter cover crop in home gardens, crop rotations and vineyards. It provides natural weed suppression, increased tilth and increased organic soil matter. Note: Nemagon is high in sulfer, which can become available to the subsequent crop when the mustard is incorporated into the soil. Do not permit the mustard to go to seed or it could become a field impurity.

Seeding Rate:
Broadcast:    10-12 lbs. per acre

*Approximate cost to treat nematodes with Vapam is $300 to $500 per acre. Cost to treat nematodes naturally with Nemagon is $100 to $150 per acre.