Nodulator Hairy Vetch

Nodulator Hairy Vetch, named for its large nitrogen production, can produce upwards of 220 lbs/acre of nitrogen, as well as 2-3.5 tons of organic dry matter, given the right environment. It is also capable of substantially reducing surface compaction due to its tap root structure (which can be anywhere from 1-3 feet deep).

Areas of Use: Nodulator can stand a variety of soil types, however, it grows best in sandy loam soil types. It tolerates low pH levels ranging from 5.0 to 8.0. Nodulator also demonstrates exceptional tolerance to shade and drought conditions. It can be successfully planted in fall or spring, and can be cut or grazed for Hay. It can be used for cover cropping, as a beneficial pollinator attractant, a soil conditioner, a top rate weed suppressor, an excellent source of P and K and a substantial nitrogen producer.

Seeding Rates:
Drilled:    15-20 lbs. per acre
Broadcast:    20-40 lbs. per acre

Planting Dates:
Fall plant:        Aug-Oct (depending on location)
Early spring:    Feb-May (the earlier the better -
depending on location)