Rhapsody Kentucky Bluegrass

RHAPSODY Kentucky bluegrass is highly rated in overall turf quality in the 2005-2007 NTEP trials compared to 88 varieties tested. Highest marks in several tests including disease and performance makes Rhapsody a diversified variety that will thrive in a variety of soil types, weather conditions and applications. Beautiful, hardy and disease resistant, Rhapsody will meet the demands of the professional, as well as the home owner, for a top quality, enduring turf under varied management regimes.

ADAPTATION: Rhapsody was developed with disease resistance in mind, coupled with an enduring ability to exhibit the beauty and hardiness of an elite Kentucky Bluegrass. It wears well, responds quickly to nutrients, and repairs itself with rhizomes.

SEEDING RATE:  2-4 lbs. p/1000 sq. ft.