Subterranean Clover

Subterranean Clover
Well adapted to warm moist winter and dry summers. Flourishes in Australia, used as a rangeland legume in Western Oregon and California. Suitable for foothills and nonirrigated pastures. A portion of the seed head buries in the soil. giving this clover its name and causes a difficult seed harvest. This clover is considered a reseeding winter annual plant. Needs 15 inches of rainfall, grows to 3000 feet elevation. Tolerant to acidic soils, requires well-drained soil. Used for permanent pastures.
Seeding rate 20 to 25 lbs/acre.
Seed count per pound:
60,000 to 70,000
Seeding rate per acre:
20 to 25 pounds
Seeding time:
September 1 to November 1
12 to 18 inches
Mature height:
4 to 8 inches