TR107 Peas

TR107 Forage Peas were originally selected for the sprouting market, but in our production fields we have noticed excellent seedling vigor for the past few years. We have seen as much as 12-20 inches in stem length, and anywhere from 1 to 4 more pods per vine compared to 4010, Arvika and Dundale Peas. TR107 Peas have yielded as much as 3.2 tons or 6400 pounds of seed per acre. The average for TR107 Peas has been a ton of seed yield over the competitor’s peas.

Areas of Use: TR107 Peas are recommended for use as cover crops, cereal grain, green chop, sprouting, wildlife mixes and birdseed. They were selected out of the Maple Pea variety and provide a good source of nitrogen. They work well as sprouting peas with a colored (not white) flower. They can also be used for high protein domestic animal forage or as a wildlife attractant.

Seeding Rate:
Broadcast:    50-100 lbs. per acre