Incenerator Blend

Incinerator Blend is a proprietary four-way blend of brassicas including Arugla, White Mustard, Forage Rape and Daikon Radish. It is well suited for pre potato or sugar beet fall cover cropping. It will reduce soil compaction, increase organic soil matter, trap nutrients for future crops, reduce soil erosion, facilitate no-till planting, increase productivity, suppress weeds, retain soil moisture, improve soil tilth and quality, break through compacted soils and work as a bio fumigant to suppress nematodes. It also produces high levels of green matter for incorporating.

Areas of Use: Incinerator Blend is recommended for use as a cover crop to fracture plow and mine nutrients in 12-24 inch depths. It is best planted from July to August.

Seeding Rates:
Drilled:       8-10 lbs. per acre
Broadcast:   10-15 lbs. per acre